Steve Harris - Senior Account Manager
Steve Harris - Senior Account Manager BECPOS
Gabe is excellent at Aloha, NCR Back Office (formerly MenuLink) and technology in general.   Gabe has worked with most of our top level customer service people at BEC and we all think he’s top notch.

Josh Fay - Controller
Josh Fay - Controller Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants
The Medrano Group serves a critical role in our IT environment. From the POS, to the Home Office, to on-site networking, they are able to support all the systems and understand their integration. Often times support from the product manufacturer is very Ala carte. The support only gets to one piece of the overall system. Having an IT professional, like TMG, bridges that gap so that our business keeps running on all cylinders.

Ashley Dinger - Executive Director
Ashley Dinger - Executive Director All Aboard Animal Rescue
The Medrano Group has helped bring our organization onto the bleeding edge of technology. We’re now paperless, on the cloud and exponentially more efficient which allows us to focus on what truly matters – the animals!”

Sarah Ives - General Manager
Sarah Ives - General Manager Bent Fork the grill
Being an independent restaurant, we do not staff a dedicated IT employee, and when the Medrano Group approached me, I couldn’t have hired them quicker! They started with a complete assessment of our IT needs, from our Point Of Sale system to each of the Managers laptops, followed by a detailed report of our systems and needs. When we were informed of the daunting upgrade required when our POS systems were no longer compatible with Windows XP, they ensured it was a seamless, cost effective transition. They quickly respond to any of our IT needs, big or small, and if it cannot be resolved remotely, they are here within the hour. They work as a liaison between us and our POS support, saving me significant time and headaches, as I know I am talking with someone who understands our particular business setup. There are very few companies that have the knowledge and urgency vital of restaurant IT needs, and having one in Northern Colorado has certainly made my job easier!

Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly Clear Channel Media + Entertainment
The Medrano Group was professional, fun and provided creative solutions!